Seniors' Highlight and Events

Senior Sunrise

By Grace Conlin

Senior season is in full swing here at High Tech. To kick it all off, we had a celebration during sunrise at Pier A in Hoboken for the class of 2022. All the seniors in attendance were so enthusiastic, especially considering it was six in the morning! They got their blankets, hoodies, and most importantly, their spirit for the senior season.

The senior sunrise is usually done around the first week of September and, just on time, we had our sunrise right before the first day of school. This tradition is something that we definitely hope will continue, as it was not only a fun way to boost school spirit, but a great way for the class to kick off the start of their final, amazing year at High Tech.

College Applications Timeline

By Leah Garcia and Maialen Abio

We all know how stress-inducing college application season can be and has been up until now. Below is a timeline of milestones upcoming seniors and even current seniors should be following in order to stay on track and make your application process easier! Don't be alarmed if you aren’t following the timeline, as it simply serves as a navigation guide when dealing with the realm of prospective schools. Whether you are a Senior or Junior preparing for your collegiate application season, The Laser has you covered on all you need to do and know to succeed this season! We’ve also provided extra resources dedicated to directing you throughout this college application process: boosts your chances of getting into your dream school by acquainting you with the proper college application timeline to succeed. provides you with an in depth visual timeline that goes through each milestone you must complete to stay organized and on track.

US News breaks down the college application process, ways your college application can stand out, and college application mistakes to avoid.