Highlighting Students' Achievements!

HT Senior's Short Film Nominated at Golden Door Film Festival

By John Rosado and Hazem Esmail

On September 30th, Samiksha Thakur, a senior at High Tech was nominated for the Best Student Short film for her work, Miss Fortune, at the 10th annual Golden Door film festival [on this date]. Collaborating with her were other senior students and friends who played crucial roles in the film’s creation. Naima Idrissi, who starred in Samiksha’s previous film, Blue Iris, played the main character in Miss Fortune. Along with her, Cesar Ovalles, who helped with animation on Samiksha’s film Time is of the Essence, also contributed to Miss Fortune, working this time as the Executive Producer. Lastly, Essence Brevard-Aloudior, also Blue Iris alum, helped as the main camera operator and even had a cameo appearance in the short film.

The Golden Door film festival is a four-day, Jersey City-based event in which aspiring filmmakers from around the country come to display their work to the public. It’s a great event for film lovers to discover new independent films, as well as for indie film noobies finding a new interest in their lives. And if you’re itching for more of her work, be sure to check out Samiksha’s website at: https://samikshathakur.weebly.com/miss-fortune.html